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  1. ironman

    Jeep Recon will go on sale in 2025 (Latest Confirmation 2/23/24)

    Exactly, even if just repeating their expectations, it's good to hear it reaffirmed. I do wish they came out with the Recon first though before the WagoneerS. It'd really make a much bigger splash for Jeep in terms of the brand's first full EV.
  2. ironman

    Jeep Recon will go on sale in 2025 (Latest Confirmation 2/23/24)

    Saw this today at Autoblog. During a press briefing outlining Jeep's strategy for the next couple of years, the brand confirmed that the Jeep Recon, the electric not-a-Wrangler, will finally be on sale in 2025. It will be the second EV Jeep launch in America, with the Wagoneer S launching first...
  3. ironman


    Hi and welcome! Guess you guys like the 4xe enough to be considering the Recon EV?
  4. ironman

    2 Speed Gearbox / Transmission for Jeep Recon possible (Stellantis patent) Stellantis is working on an advanced gearbox to make future electric off-roaders as capable as their ICE-powered counterparts. The patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark...
  5. ironman

    Official: Stellantis Will Adopt Tesla's NACS Charging Standard (SAE J3400 Connector)

    Yea, so far it's the only automaker to announce the adoption of NACS without mentioning Tesla nor a deal to use the Tesla Supercharger network. Doesn't mean we won't have access via use of an adapter, but so far it seems there’s no deal with Tesla for Superchargers that aren't already open to...